Semiconductor Physical Design Physical Verification Analog Mixed Signal Design
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Analog & Mixed Signal

Our expertise in this field includes manageable services for analog layout, memory layout, IO layout design, chip integration, chip tape out and sign off, standard cell design and AMS verification. We have experts for layout design of high speed serial interfaces, data converters, power management products, Wireless and RF Communication Products

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Digital Design

Our team of experts can provide sustainable services in RTL design, RTL verification, complete physical design flow, physical verification, GDS Generation and Soc Integration. We focus on the use of the latest technology in the delivery of these services.

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Embedded Software

Our clients in this field cut across all industries including SmallCell, Mobility, and Automotive Industry.We offer reliable embedded software services to the stakeholders in storage and the wider internet community.

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About SiValley

SiValley Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of IP enabled services to Semiconductor, EDA companies in Physical Design, Physical Verification, Analog and Mixed Signal Design, CAD Methodology and Real Time Embedded / Firmware applications.

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Guiding Values

Every successful empire, flourishing enterprise, or prosperous entity has its foundation in values; principles that it believes in. At SiValley Technologies Pvt. Ltd, our success as a company is deeply rooted in three core values; Integrity, Innovation and Excellence.


At SiValley, we not only share this dream but also live in it. We believe in offering our clients the service without biasness, self-seeking interests, or malice. We take full responsibility in providing world-class services to technology companies without compromising our beliefs in ethics and humanity.


Our technical team consist of vibrant personalities who are always out to explore newer ways of meeting our customer’s expectations. We challenge the status quo and come up with better ways of delivering various services.


Give your best in all you do. Driving force behind our spirit of excellence and one of our strongest success pillars. We aspire to be on the forefront in providing state of the art services to our clients all over the world. Our team understand that the only shortcut to this realisation lies in excellence provision of professional services.

Mission Statement

To provide highly sustainable consumer electronic services to the Indian Community and the entire Global Market through diligent, innovative, and highly integrated technological skills.