SiValley Technologies Pvt. Ltd, has a dedicated Embedded Software team
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Embedded Software

The need for software applications and services is increasing with each growing day. Every day, more applications come aboard making the need for advanced software knowledge rather a compelling necessity. Undoubtedly, the development of highly revolutionised and easily scalable software for various applications is a key player in achieving a sustainable market leadership. At SiValley Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we have a dedicated Embedded Software team with extensive experience in offering services pertaining to this scope. Our experts are highly trained and well equipped with the skill necessary for delivery of excellent embedded software solutions.

Service Offerings

Platform Developmentand Maintenance

Our experience with microprocessors and microcontroller means your product will have the most functional of bare machine programming platform necessary for functionality. Our expertise includes system integration and release management, porting of OS to various hardware platforms, using OpenGL ES for media frameworks application programming interface for rendering graphics in embedded systems, and resources to manage system integration and release management – from development to testing.

Platform Validation

Quality is not the only attribute of a good product – reliability also plays an important role in winning the trust of consumers. To this end, we have built our platform validation service to leave nothing to chance with a rigorous, holistic and comprehensive approach in pushing out a product that is market-ready and fail-proof. We validate the system – the functionality, performance, and reliability in service, we validate system driven individual component reliability, we do field testing, and do OEM/ODM certification testing to make sure the products are up to industry standards.

Driver Developmentand Validation

Do you need to extend the functionality of a ready-made product? At SIValley, we have the resources to provide functional enhancement to your products, perform peripheral validation (determine the performance and processes needed for an efficient and effective driver), and protocol enhancement.

Board Bring-upand Diagnostics

Our board bring-up services validate new circuit board design for both functionally and electrically. Our diagnostics can show manufacturing defects, BOM problems, timing issues, design flaws, and software related faults. We do hardware bring-up, soft boot up, diagnostics test for board, and a seamless bring-up procedure migration in an automated manufacturing test environment.


We work closely with EDA companies and other key players in the industry to create a haven for the provision of these essential services. Our clients in this field cut across all industries including SmallCell, Mobility, and Automotive Industry. Similarly, we offer reliable embedded software services to the stakeholders in storage and the wider internet community. Our services are scaled to match the expectations of our clients.


Provision of real time solutions to problems in this field is not only our carrier but also our passion.


With our experts dedication, experience, and passion for this interesting technological sphere, we are certain to make access of software services easier and simpler than ever before. We have the necessary expertise, facilities, and reliable work force to handle every assignment within this scope; simply let us in and we will get it done for you!