SiValley Technologies Pvt. Ltd, offers sustainable services to all our clients
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Digital Design

With increased demand in personal electronics market, digital circuit design became extremely time sensitive. At SiValley Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we completely understand the need for urgency and time to market in this technological field. Our specialities in this field cut across different domains including networking, storage, processors, wireless and multimedia. We exploit the knowledge in these fields to offer sustainable services to all our clients.

Service Offerings


  • ASIC, FPGA Design Services
  • SoC/ Subsystem Integration, IP Development
  • RTL Linting
  • IP Development: Expertise in all standard protocols USB, PCI, Ethernet, SATA, MIPI, MPHY, AMBA, SRIO
  • SoC, Subsystem, IP Synthesis
  • DFT
  • Verilog, VHDL and System Verilog


  • SoC, Subsystem, IP functional verification
  • VIP Development and verification
  • Gate level simulations
  • Formal Verification
  • Low power design verification
  • EDA Tool validation
  • FPGA emulation, post silicon bring-up and validation
  • Verilog, VHDL and System Verilog
  • UVM, OVM, VMM, SystemC, Specman

Physical Design and Verification

  • Floor planning, placement optimization
  • Power planning
  • CTS
  • Place and Route
  • Layout verification
  • Parasitic extraction and delay calculations
  • Tape outprocess flow
  • Expertise technology nodes 16nm, 28nm, 40nm, 65nm


  • Scan insertion, ATPG coverage analysis, Transition delay test coverage analysis
  • RTL and gate level simulation of scan and MBIST test vectors
  • SoC, Subsystem, IP level timing analysis
  • Methodology development for timing closure
  • Customized timing check for different IPs, Interfaces
  • Expertise in PERL, SHELL, TCL etc.

Our team of experts can provide sustainable services in RTL design, RTL verification, complete physical design flow, physical verification, GDS Generation and Soc Integration. We focus on the use of the latest technology in the delivery of these services.We put everyone in their rightful place by giving them a chance to exploit that which they have interest and advanced knowledge on.

We have been able to deliver industry cutting edge ASIC designs to numerous targets including TSMC, IDMs, SMIC, and Tower Jazz. Similarly, we have contributed in other digital design spheres like gate level simulations, functional pattern development, and post silicon validation. With the successful completion of these projects, we hope to strengthen our roots in this market through provision of scalable and highly sustainable services to different clients across the globe.