Life at SIValley - SI Valley
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Life at SIValley

Great place to work

As a modern technology company with its foundation deeply rooted in Innovation, Integrity and Excellence, we believe in providing a peaceful and happy working environment for all our staff members. We know our employees are our best assets, and these shows in all our actions.  SiValley is a place where you’re given creative freedom backed by strong teamwork and cooperation. Our internal processes of training and mentorship means whichever stage of your career you are at, you can find fulfillment, happiness and blossoming career with us.

Work Culture

Our work culture is intrinsically tied to our values – Innovation, Integrity and Excellence. It also speaks of the least expected of all our staff members. We want individuals with a passion to birth the best new technologies in the semi-conductor industry. We want individuals whose end-goal for each project and endeavor is undiluted perfection. And lastly we want individuals whose words and actions are of sound moral quality.


Competitive perks

We know having the right working environment is never enough. That is why it is our sincere belief to reward hard work. With this in mind, we have created a pay structure that reflects this. Our team members are assured of competitive perks, performance-based bonuses and occasional surprise rewards depending on their contributions. With all the benefits, rewards and additional perks, wouldn’t you rather work with us?

Paid time off

Our employees are our greatest assets and we never shy to reiterate it. We know how work and life balance can drain a staff mentally and emotionally. That is why we encourage time off. So you can recharge your batteries, and come back with the zeal that moves mountains and produces excellent result.

Safety First

Excellence can only thrive in a safe working environment. That is why a lot of resources and time is continuously being devoted to the safeguarding lives and properties – whether on our premises, or on the job elsewhere. This coupled with high-security measures makes sure our staff feels safe and secure as they discharge their responsibilities without any iota of fear.